German Lieder -Classical Music from the Romantic Period. 19th

Classical Music from the Romantic Period. 19th

Intermezzo Radio brings you the very best and notable from the world’s greatest Classical and Romantic composers ever!

Intermezzo Radio Plays the Best Romantic composers in classical music history! Only the Best Classical Music from the 19th Century! Piano solo and Concertos, Symphonic pieces, Symphonic poem, Chamber music, Opera, Madrigal, Motet, Arias, Cantatas, Sonatas and most of all “German Lieder and  French Mélodie”( Musical setting of a poem or text usually written for one voice with piano accompaniment).

Intermezzo Radio is a Radio broadcasting network dedicated to rethinking classical music. The project is built on a foundation of classical music with intent to explore the vast range of music. It curates music for listeners who find inspiration in a wide variety of classical sub-genres, delivering a diverse, rich, and user-centered listening experience. Discover Classical Music. Find out more about the best artists and their works.